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Calendula Blue's

Calendula Blue's

SKU: CBS9524

Purifies & Replenishes the energy field, inspires optimism and vitality so that you welcome good luck and success in all avenues of life. Dispels negativity and absorbs love and light into your energetic field. Imbued with Sandalwood oil and other spiritual herbs to enhance physical and spiritual well being, fosters protection, clairvoyance. Guides away distraction of the mind, vibrating at its highest frequency to open your spiritual centers and aligns the chakras which enhances spiritual awareness and allows healing energy to flow. Great for everyday use and especially with meditation sessions. Caution: this soap is know to cause female prowess and a serious exhale attraction buyer beware.(Contains Bluing).Scented with herbal and floral essence uising various herbs, powders and flowers, specially made and containing spiritual condition oil to either combact or imbue certain energies.

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