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Root of Conjure

Spiritual services & products just the way you need them. See what we offer below.

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Spiritual Learning Course

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Delve into your spiritual life by joining our course, obtain the knowledge to aid in your ascension. Jon like minded people on their journey.

Root of Conjure offers spiritual oils, baths, soaps, sprays, mojo hands and so much more. Find everything you need and if not shoot us a message and we can provide it for you.

Workings conducted on the behalf of the client to include candle work, spells, rituals etc.

Cowrie Shell Divination session to determine if you are living in accordance with your destiny. What path you should be on (Not a Guardian Orisha Reading)

5 card spread to discuss past, present & future, how these things are affecting your life and spiritual journey.

30 Minute phone/video call to discuss questions related to your spiritual journey.

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