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Rooted in Tradition

Root of Conjure is a traditional brand of Spirituality & conjure. Featuring original and traditional products for all your spiritual needs that 100% handmade & blessed.


Just Added

Newest Products added to Root of Conjure. Visit the Bath & Body tab for these life altering liquid baths. You can visit the Spiritual Sprays & Waters page to get your home cleansing going.

Sweet Bath (Replenish)


Sour Bath (Removal)


Home Cleansing Spray


Best Sellers

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Calendula Blues

Purifies & Replenishes the energy field, inspires optimism and vitality so that you welcome good luck and success in all avenues of life. Dispels negativity and absorbs love and light into your energetic field. Imbued with Sandalwood oil and other spiritual herbs to enhance physical and spiritual well being, fosters protection, clairvoyance.


Mental Clarity & Manifestation Oil

Mental clarity and manifestation oil provides you with the ability to focus, clarifies the mind, assist with the throat chakra so that your manifestations are crystal clear let the universe know exactly what you want. Assists with anxiety, depression, fear etc. provides relaxation and balance great for meditation.


Universal Lotus Grounding Spray

Designed to ease stress and help with depression, calms your nervous system as a result you are able to relax bringing you back to your center. Formulated to assist in grounding your energy when feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stressed.



What’s Available


30 Minute phone/video call to discuss questions related to your spiritual journey.

Phone App

General Tarot Reading

5 card spread to discuss past, present & future, how these things are affecting your life and spiritual journey.


Life Path Reading

Cowrie Shell Divination session to consult the Orisha to determine if you are living in accordance with your destiny. What path you should be on (Not a Guardian Orisha Reading)


Spiritual Work

Workings conducted on the behalf of the client to include candle work, spells, rituals etc.

Hindu Ritual