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Our Origins

ROOT OF CONJURE is a trendsetting online store, offering our first-rate products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes.​Established in 2019 by Tukinah Orisa Ill Aye,  Root of Conjure is an online spiritual supply for practitioners from every practice. ​We take pride in the products and recipes created to enhance your spiritual pursuits. Our recipes are unique, handcrafted and blessed with the best of intentions for your spiritual goals and look forward to providing your supply needs. ​Our online store has become synonymous with quality, and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic merchandise that fit any budget. Check it out and start shopping today.​Thank you for choosing Root of Conjure!!

About Me.

Initiated Yaya in Palo Mayombe, Aborisha in Santeria on my way to OCHA & Hoodoo Practitioner with family-based teachings. Born in Washington, DC with firm roots implanted in the Carolina’s. A practitioner of the spiritual mysteries since the age of 14. Her goal is to assist those on the journey of spirituality through various means, to enlighten their minds if they are seeking guidance, to provide clarity if divination is required, to perform spiritual work if the spirits must be activated, to provide products so that one can assist themselves. To assist in overall wellness. Her unique style, extensive training, and deep appreciation for her subjects makes her ideal to work with, her true interest is spirituality, energy healing and intuition gives her the drive to help those that comes into her path. Tukinah has trained extensively for many years as the passion to help others kept calling, and finally, in a moment of clarity she decided to start Root of Conjure and ASHE, to embrace her passion for helping others, to follow her heart and create a place for everyone to find enlightenment and create a life of wellness. Tukinah has counseled hundreds of students, customers and clients, led hundreds of live courses for practitioners and civilians all around the nation. The joy of helping others is incredibly fulfilling. Her clients and students see profound changes in their lives. Yet so many people in the world are living lives disconnected from their passion, unaware of their true potential. Root of Conjure and ASHE is the best resource for those looking to make significant changes in their lives, to bring their manifestations into fruition, to create lifelong memories. Here one can learn the best energy tools and techniques for a life of wellness. ASHE is part of Tukinah’s mission to upgrade global consciousness by awakening each of us to our energetic selves - igniting our deeper sense of purpose, self -healing, abundance and connection within.


Intergrated Healing Arts Practitioner
Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Serving as a spiritual/life coach and, Intuitive guide, holistic consultant. Facilitator of ceremonies and rituals using earth-based practices. Assisting in exploration of spirituality and traditions. Mindful meditation sessions & spiritual expression. 

Reiki Master

Agua Viva

(Ingrid Toled-Hammett)

Certified Reiki Levels I, II & Reiki Master, Assisting customers and clients with creating a life of wellness through energy work.

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