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Ascension Spiritual House of Enlightenment Classes start August 2, 2024

Registration is Open

This course entails numerous techniques to assist you with your spiritual journey, a supportive ally connection, you can learn various divinatory techniques. You can enhance and further develop skills for exploring your blood ancestors, envelop yourself in meditative trance states where you will gain insight into connecting with your higher self and building a bridge with other spirits, for connection, support and healing.

A.S.H.E. Spiritual Course

Join others just like you on the journey to discovering their spiritual self. Learn all about spirituality, Differences in the paths, magickal techniques and much, much more. This circle is for anyone that brings a willingness to learn and explore the roots of spirituality and various practical techniques.

Techniques used in this course are rooted in animism, everyone is welcome to learn in a diverse and culturally competent safe space. This community is seeking participants that are looking to delve into alchemy, ancestral veneration, ritual, meditation etc.

Includes course syllabus, orientation, hands on techniques, group ritual participation, Live weekly sessions via Zoom, 24-hour access to group chat and Facebook platform for Q & A and to assist in developing potential lifelong relationships in a spiritual community of like-minded individuals.

Each student has the option to become a godchild for lifetime access to all content & platforms after the completion of their courses. Special discounts for products, divination & services.

Image by Joel Muniz

The A.S.H.E. Spiritual Course delves headfirst into spirituality, this gives our students a firm inner standing of the awakening process and a host of other important aspects of the self. At A.S.H.E. it is not just about the ability to manifest and changing your desired outcome, we delve into all aspects of spirituality to include your shadow, ego. Here you will develop yourself into your truest form, we simply light the spark that ignites your flame. All are welcome regardless of race, culture, sexual orientation or age. See You Soon!!

Spiritual Course

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