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Getting Past Fear In Your Spiritual Journey

1. Introduction

A. Awakening to Spirituality

B. Types of fear in Spirituality

2. Self-Analyzation (Who Are You)

A. The Masked Self

B. The Ego

C. The Higher Self

3. Healing the old you

A. Traumas

B. Triggers

4. Healing your perspective

A. Spheres of Influence

5. Coming out of your shell

6. Being Your Authentic Self

7. Maintaining your originality

9. Conclusion



Introduction - Getting Past Your Fear In Spirituality


The purpose of spirituality is to attain ascension both in the physical and spiritual realms. Reaching the

higher states of consciousness while accomplishing ascension and material manifestation on the earthly

realm. One of the biggest hinderance s is fear. Fear prevents a person on the spiritual journey from

accomplishing all the things they desire. Miriam Webster defines fear as:

a) an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger b) an

instance of this emotion, c) a state, marked by this emotion.

b) Anxious concern

c) Reason for alarm


Ask yourself why you have this emotion of fear or anxiety, what about spirituality makes me feel as

though there is danger, or that I should be in a state of alarm? Examine your state of awareness in

regards to your emotions related to the question.


What we must first understand is that fear is not real, it is simply an emotion that arise from a specific

state of awareness. This state of awareness arises out of anxiety. This anxiety/fear will prevent you from

pushing yourself towards your goal. I’m doing the things that are required as part of your spiritual

experience to get you to ascension. It prevents you from attaining your physical manifestations, because

one cannot manifest in a state of fear or anxiousness. In order for one to get past their fear, they must

first spiritually awaken. You have already experienced your spark, which is that moment in time, where

you understand that there is something other than what it’s been talk to you that is reality that his

spiritual awakening.



 Awakening to Spirituality


Congratulations you have just entered a state of consciousness that is only afforded to those

with an open mind. What is Spiritual Awakening?

Definition: A “spiritual awakening” is a shift in consciousness where we look at the world through the eyes of the Spirit, and not through the eyes of the ego. From this higher consciousness we connect with the energy of unconditional love and leave the ego behind.

Spiritual awakening requires a willingness to let go of limiting beliefs formed by the ego. In order to dissolve the ego we need to quiet our minds and stay mindful in the present moment. As you know, problems only exist in our minds and when we move away from the ego, we leave problems behind. We become less problem oriented and more solution oriented.

This whole spiritual awakening process where we connect with our Spirit and move away from our ego may take years for some, while others go through the stages of spiritual awakening in only a few days! So, how does spiritual awakening occur? What triggers this shift in consciousness?

Spiritual awakening can get triggered by a shocking experience or come spontaneously once the soul is ready. Often situations like near death experiences, or death of a loved one triggers a spiritual awakening. A chocking event often leaves us feeling “empty” inside and filled with questions about life after death, God etc. When we can’t find the comfort, we need from the people around us, it forces us to look inside ourselves to find the answers we seek. However, it is not necessary to wait for something drastic to happen in our lives until we learn to shift our consciousness and become more spiritually awakened and aware. We can shift our consciousness deliberately. By practicing mindfulness meditation for spiritual awakening, we learn to be more present in any moment. Being mindful and fully aware of what is going on around us, is a spiritual awakening process that takes some practice. However, as we learn to stay in the present moment on a regular basis, this spiritual awakening experience will eventually lead us to a higher level of consciousness and a permanent state of spiritual enlightenment.

Types of Fear in Spirituality

- Fear of acknowledgment of your personal beliefs

-Fear of judgment of those outside of your personal beliefs (What others will think of you)

-Fear of criticism by others outside your beliefs (What others will say about you)

-Fear of being wrong

Why must we assess fear? The reason for your must be a assessed and addressed is because fear is a hindrance. It is a complete blockage of your spiritual ascension, it is a hindrance from growth, and attaining knowledge.

Self-Analyzation (Who Are You)

The time has come for you to sit down and figure out who you truly are, without societal views and perceptions, outside of your familial beliefs, outside of the judgment and criticism of your peers, family and the outside world. Once you peel back all of your layers to reveal the core. The pearl that shines brightly inside of you. Your truest self.

So how does one determine who they truly are?, How does one analyze self you start by thinking about your actions about how you respond to different situation, how is your tone when you communicate when you’re upset one must look at all of their actions, the same way how they would look at someone else’s actions and judge them for it. This is a time of judgment of self.

The Masked Self

According to the mind journal “We all have an idea of who we are. But it’s often our ego that defines our identity rather than our true self. You can mistake your ego as your personality or you may call it image, conditioning, outer persona, mind-identified state, or even false identity. Irrespective of what you may call it, this is the “false self” that makes us believe that we are what we think we are. But that is rarely the truth. Ego gives us a false sense of self that makes us believe that we are hard-working, kind, virtuous, and successful. Although that may be true in parts, when we become attached to this false sense of self we try to live our lives as this “version” of ourselves, unconsciously trapping ourselves in the prison of ego. This mask of ego that we wear makes us persuade others that we are in fact the person our ego makes us believe we are. And the problem with that is we become unable to be our genuine selves.”

The Ego

The eagle is defined in spirituality as the structure of the psyche that frames one’s worldview, it is your fear, your desire, your fantasies, your regrets, your expectations, and everything that affects how you view the world around you. The reason why the ego must be examined and tamed. It’s because the way in which you view the world does not mean that that is actually how the world is. The way you view your interpersonal relationships is just your own perception. It does not mean that your perception is accurate.


The Higher Self

You as a vessel are comprised of the lower self and the higher self. The higher self being your spiritual soul, the you that has experienced many lifetimes, many skills and is the most divine aspect of you. According to Yogapedia the higher self is known as the transcendental self. It is considered the divine self and part of the cosmic consciousness. The purpose of connecting with a higher self is to come to a deeper awareness, and to develop yourself. In order to do this one was assess the ego as well as the shadow and he’ll themselves as we will discuss in the next section.

Healing the old you

In order for you to reach your full potential you must begin the healing process so that you can release old habits, characteristics and methods of survival. This starts with shadow work.

A. Traumas

B. Triggers

In order to begin the process of healing, the old you, one must delve into their childhood experiences, and completely examine everything they can possibly remember from their first memory and progress through the different stages of their lives in order to assess what caused them to be the person that they are today. In doing so, one may be able to determine the incident’s the caused them to develop a mask, certain characteristics, and behaviors that were created in an effort to protect themselves.

Healing your perspective

Once you have begun your shadow work you will find that previous perceptions about people, situations, life and the world as a whole will change a great deal.

Spheres of Influence

In regards to the spheres of influence, one must innerstand that the easiest thing to do is to put blame on external factors. When we do this, we make it easy for ourselves to not be responsible for the bad things that occur in our lives. We can push the blame on parents, our friends, anybody else in society. As long as we are not responsible for our own actions. It makes it easy for us to walk away from different situations without having to think about them. One must enter, stand in order to truly analyze self, and live a spiritual life, must take responsibility not only for our healing also for our actions, and how they affect everything in our microcosm, and in our macrocosm.

Coming out of your shell

Now that you have peeled back the layers of yourself, assessed your perceptions it is time to reveal yourself to the world. In preparation for this you must assess the fact that this will be a different person from who you have presented yourself as before.


Being Your Authentic Self

Staying true to the person you believe you are now is important, Authenticity means having a keen awareness of who you are and what you stand for, and expressing yourself honestly and consistently to the world. On a deeper level, authenticity illuminates the path forward to live the life you want.

Maintaining your originality

As your life begins to change remember your core values so that you maintain your originality. This is the reason people are drawn to you.


You have reached your final destination on the road to the new you. How does it feel, what does that look like for you. This is something that you should take the time to think about bask, in the realization that you have taken the necessary steps to become who you are meant to be and this was done in divine timing. You are falling in alignment with your higher consciousness, so that you can reach your greatest destiny.



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