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Me :0 every time Tukinah Orisa Ill Aye read a part of my life as if she knew me forever... Like how sway how!!! You were so accurate and so chill felt like I was talking to my best friend. I needed this reading and I'm so glad I got it. I'm def joining the class I'd be a fool not to!!! Thank you, thank you, I cannot express my gratitude enough Queen.

D. Patterson

Just received my love reading from Tukinah Orisa Ill Aye and let me tell you... I received confirmation, love, affirmation guidance. It's not just about, should I be with this person? She told me everything I needed to hear times three. She is compassionate. Spirit speaks to her and through her. She doesn't just read the cards, she provides guidance. Take advantage of her special tonight an get a reading.

T.  Spruill

Omg I used that soap this morning and I have such a feeling of positivity I meditated when I used it and concentrated on removing all the crap off of me, the things stopping me from being me and have felt so light all day I LOVE IT thank you. I know it seems small but I have been stuck in a perpetual state of depression and ptsd that I only get glimpses of me periodically and since your reading and especially today I have felt more Summer than I have in a really log time.

S. Valdez

Been using my mental clarity oil for 3 days and I have not had a need to take my meds for depression.

M. Holloman

I am LOVING my Mental Clarity Oil I must say this about Queen Tukinah Every time I ordered from her she was always professional and would address any questions or concerns. Also, my products always came faster than expected and in excellent condition. I will definitely be ordering more from her.

B. McIntee

I've had a reading and I've also ordered products! My reading as so spot on it was scary and left me with so much to think about and evaluate in my life. It's the only professional reading I've had done an I will only come back to the Elder for future readings, 

I love all the products I got! Walnut Spiritual Bath, Third Eye Oil, Negativity Removal Oil. These are some very powerful products and I am so fortunate to have access to them. They have helped me start working n my abilities and allow me to see pathways to exit situations

B. Floyd

I got the Money Oil during a special. When I got the package it was broken into pieces oil was all over the package. I let her know and she immediately gave my money back. I still wanted the product and was willing to pay more to get it. She said okay and a week later guess what comes in the mail. You know it the Money Oil. I checked my cash app like did I pay her? I messaged her like I got the package but how much I owe you. She said just continue to do service will be appreciated. Okay now for the product, Lol. I've used it twice in mojo bags that I make to keep money flow. I've also used in my painting for abundance and prosperity. I love it, it smells great and it works. I didn't have money problems just needed a continuous stream and I got what I needed. I will pay it forward..

S. Wells

I have taken many of the courses that Tukinah offers. I began my journey on my own due to researching the history of my family. The creator places folks in your life that you need when you least expect it. I commented on a FB group and out of the comments Tukinah' s energy was present and honest. I asked to be a student that was 7 months ago. I am about 12/13 courses in and I must say, by December of 209 I noticed the physical and mental changes in me. Whatever questions or concerns, even research I presented she was there to answer/discuss them. I also have numerous oils and products from her in which she said they would do and continue to do. One thing for sure and two for certain, she is TRUE with what she do.

M. Dennard

Everything I ordered have been a big help in my development. The classes are definitely informative and Tukinah stays with you through the whole process. Tukinah is operating in her gifts. I am blessed to be in her path! I also received readings that was simply divine timing because everything has come to pass.

Roslyn C.

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